Conference Call (1/21/18)

Conference Call
Conference Call (1/21/18) Talking Points: Reviving scholarship program children back home (Committee was appointed) Obtaining a 501c3 tax exemption for the Redd Family Reunion organization (Committee was appointed) Creating a PayPal account to accept online due payments as well as fundraisers and donations in the future (Committee was appointed). 2018 Reunion next payment due on March 1st, 2018 Group discount for flights? (Committee was appointed) [player id=3580] Family News Letter from relatives 2019 Reunion Enid's Fundraiser Obituary About Us The Redd Family Redd History Photos 2017 Reunion 2016 Reunion 2015 Reunion 2014 Reunion Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Copyright 2018 © All rights Reserved. Design by Sayyon Designs
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