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Please help the St. John River City Association, Grand Bassa County, Liberia, in the construction of a primary education building (kindergarten) in Fortsville, St. John River City.

The St. John River City Association is with you in prayers, especially in times like these. The pandemic has brought hardship and fear amongst us; however, we know that God is with us, and we trust his ability to keep us safe. 

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Before the 1990 civil unrest in Liberia, West Africa, there was a primary education school in Fortsville, unfortunately like many other cities in Liberia, the civil unrest destroyed infrastructures that are yet to be rebuild. The children from Fortsville and its neighboring villages, currently walk several miles to Hartford for primary schooling (Kindergarten). These children are walking through rain and sun for five days a week. During the rains, they often get to school very wet because they lack rain gears, and there are no shelters along the way. They sit in their classes in soaked clothing all day until they dry out. Another critical issue to consider is the road safety (without side walk) that these children have to commute every day.

To the people of St. John River City, we remember the time when we were privileged to have a primary school in Fortsville and did not have to encounter the risk our children are enduring today. To our friends and well-wishers, we are asking you to kindly participate in building a quality learning environment that is critical for the development of our children.

 We are grateful to anyone who has taken the time to read this.  
Rev. Shadrach Reeves on behalf of St. John River City Association

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