Letter from our England relatives

after their visit to Liberia.

Dear family.

Firstly, to let you know that we have all arrived home safely. The landing into Heathrow was a little shaky but if you close the window blind then it isn’t so bad!! From all of our family in the UK we wanted to send a most heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to assist us with our first visit home. You made it the most memorable, fun, emotional and at times, challenging (Bexley) journey which we will never forget. We want to make some special mentions to the following family members. To Benjamin Redd for making us feel much welcomed as part of the Redd family. For visiting us at our hotel upon our arrival and before leaving. For your company, explanations of local customs and differences in local language. For grounding and preparing us for things we might expect or see. For hosting us at your resort and particularly for leading the gowning ceremony. For this you have our upmost thanks and respect. Our biggest thank you to Isaac G Redd. Without your interventions our trip would not be possible. Thank you firstly for taking time to meet us in London (English Tea is on us again when you next visit). For accompanying us to and from the Airport and getting us smoothly through customs. For arranging our itinerary and all of our visits and transport. For opening doors we could never have imagined (Lamco, schools and colleges, the Port, etc.). For arranging the meet with the Liberian VP – we hope that we proudly represented the Redd family. For your company and wonderful sense of humour along the way. For the many photographs (particularly daring to pose for pictures under “Bats” and dancing along the Monkey Bridge) that we will cherish and show our children, and loads, loads, loads more!!! To Bill Davis for hosting us also. For helping us to find our father’s family members (the Pearsons) and enabling us to visit places associated with him (St. Mary’s Church and graveyard). For accompanying us almost everywhere and introducing us to Newcess, Sunset beach and Bexley. For seeing us off at our hotel in Buchanan. Thank you. To Roland Redd for your wonderful company along the way. You were the one contact we had had from our early days and it was important for our sister Jean that we meet you and pass on her thanks for contacting her when our father passed away. We will pass on your messages to her for which she will be pleased to have. To all of the ladies (you know who you are) who came to see us, cooked the most delicious food, clothed us (when we got a little soaked), danced with us, and generally looked out for us during the visit. You have our sincere thanks. To Norris and Sue who helped us to have a real insight into local customs and for giving us our Bassa names. Sue. Thank you for gowning me – most respect. A very big thank you to Elijah Redd – our brother along the way!! Thank you so much for the very interesting driving experiences, for showing us around, introducing us to what are now some favourite songs and for generally being there for us. Couldn’t have done it without you bro. To Francis (Yogoo) Redd for accompanying us to lots of different places and being one of our main contacts in Buchanan. Thank you for inviting us to the Church service (and the introductions) at St. John’s. To Major Brookes for his fabulous welcoming speech at Hartford and for facilitating the visit to Hartford market and welcoming us at Bexley. To West and Georgia for meeting us at the airport and visiting us the next day to ensure we had settle in. To Emmanuel Redd for visit us on our last evening. We wish you every success with your ambitions and we are sure that your drive and commitment will see you achieve them. To James Redd for accompanying us through our Bexley Journey and introducing us to the village, its history and its local residents. To the Pearson family (James, Zena, Henry, Sata and Thomas). Thank you all for taking time with us and helping us to identify and know our father better. We now know you and will not forget you. Thank you also to family members in the USA (Joe Davis, Qweh Redd, Mel Redd, and others) who provided background information and guidance to help inform our research prior to our visit. And lastly (but not least) to Albert Jaja at the Liberian Embassy in London who put us in touch with Isaac and therefore enabled us to begin this journey. We look forward to seeing you all again and conquering that Monkey Bridge. We are taking time to reflect on our experiences and hope to be back very very soon – no Librexit for us!!


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